Biden’s DOJ Releases Orwellian “Equity Action Plan” to Implement Biden’s Race-Obsessed Executive Order

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last year, Biden’s Executive Order 14091 created a requirement that every department of the executive branch publish an annual Equity Action Plan (EAP). Executive Order 14091 and the EAPs are a way of entrenching the radical “equity” agenda within the Federal Government and creating sinecures for the leftist commissars that the Biden Administration has been empowering since their first day in office.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently published its updated Equity Action Plan for FY2024 to implement Biden’s race-obsessed executive order, embedding “equity” into every federal agency. Read about this radical ideology infecting our government:

Biden’s EO14091 Implements the Equity Agenda Across the Entire Federal Government

Biden’s Executive Order 14091 instructs each agency head to establish an “Agency Equity Team” staffed with personnel from every possible component (policy, legal, science, communications, financial assistance, etc.).  

The Order charges each “Agency Equity Team” with “the implementation of equity initiatives” and “ensur[ing] that their respective agencies are delivering equitable outcomes for the American people.

The Order defines “equity” as follows:  

“Equity” is not equality. The phrase “Fair, just, and impartial” lacks an objective and legally discernable meaning – it is a woke word salad justifying the Biden Administration’s morally reprehensible and illegal system of race, national origin, color, sex, and gender identity preferences in federal hiring, promotion, and earmarked spending to “transform” America.

DOJ Wants to Disarm Local Law Enforcement and Replace It With DEI Hires

Also, for “equity,” the Biden DOJ disarms local police and makes sure criminals use taxpayer subsidies for college. 

The Biden DOJ then outlines five specific “Strategies to Advance Equity”: 

The first strategy is steering public funds based on race, sex, and national origin.  

The Biden DOJ promises to manipulate the grant process until it achieves the racially desired results.  

The second strategy elevates criminals – “justice-involved persons” in the Biden DOJ’s nomenclature –  while ignoring their victims.

Imprisoned criminals qualify for a plethora of taxpayer benefits – their victims, by contrast, get nothing. 

The third strategy is to use woke racism to guide police hiring. American police have been under a massive, concerted assault since the George Floyd riots of 2020. Accordingly, many cities cannot hire capable officers. The Biden DOJ’s solution? “Diversity”!

The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that programs “balancing” the racial, ethnic, and sex composition of a workforce are illegal. According to the Biden DOJ, however, illegal balancing is perfectly fine.

The third strategy, which equates victimization and criminalization, is actually incoherent.

Measures, for example, targeting the Mexican cartels’ prostitution rings, human trafficking, or child pornography, are filtered through an “intersectional” lens:


Biden’s DOJ Believes that the Climate is Racist 

The fifth strategy is “environmental justice.”

Apparently, the Biden DOJ believes that the climate is racist.

The Biden DOJ does not define what it means by “environmental equity” or how it proposes to measure this. Nevertheless, it claims that: 

The Comprehensive Environmental Justice Enforcement Strategy states:

All “94 United States Attorneys’ offices ha[ve] appointed at least one civil or criminal prosecutor as an Environmental Justice Coordinator,” per the Office of Environmental Justice.

In a chillingly Orwellian turn of a phrase, the DOJ promises to use the prosecutor’s power not to enforce the rule of law in a colorblind, Constitutional way but to implement “equitable outcomes.” 

DOJ’s Equity Action Plan Prioritizes “Listening Sessions” for Criminals and “Environmental Justice” Over Addressing Violent Crime

Instead of colorblind enforcement of our immigration laws, fighting violent crime without political bias, and  protecting the civil rights of American citizens, the Biden DOJ “has hosted meetings, convenings [sic], and listening sessions to directly engage with communities of color, Indigenous communities, individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP), rural communities, the LGBTQI+ community, persons with disabilities, justice-impacted individuals, and persons otherwise adversely affected by inequality.” 

DOJ Wants Americans to Call 911 and Report “Hate Incidents.”

The Biden DOJ’s equity action plan reeks of woke. To begin with, the “equity action plan” generally summarizes what the Biden DOJ is up to. For starters:

To feed its political claims that the United States is under assault by white supremacists, the Biden DOJ urges that everyone call 911 and contact the FBI to report non-criminal “hate incidents.” Source

The Biden DOJ lets people know that:

Of course, in the Biden DOJ, some hate crimes are more equal than others

While DOJ Prioritizes Equity While Drug Overdoses and Violent Crime Surge

According to the CDC, in 2022, 109,000 Americans died of drug overdoses, and nearly 70% of those deaths were caused by fentanyl. The Trump DOJ focused heavily on reducing opioid addiction and death with great success. The Biden DOJ’s priorities are rather different: race, national origin,  sex, implicit bias, climate justice, and listening sessions.

Statement from Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel:

“The Department of Justice under Merrick Garland’s leadership is functioning as the enforcement arm of the Biden White House’s woke and weaponized agenda to radically transform our country under the auspices of so-called ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ Its real mission is to ensure that justice is done, yet as this report demonstrates, the DOJ is committing to do the opposite–advancing an agenda that divides Americans based on their skin color and other immutable characteristics and ignoring the needs of victims of crime,“ said Gene Hamilton.

Read the full Equity Action Plan for FY2024.

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