Next Generation Fellowship Program

The AFL® Next Generation (NextGen) Fellowship Program’s mission is to train and build a bench of lawyers equipped with the legal skills needed to save our nation and to effectively push forward an America First agenda in government, including in future conservative presidential administrations.

The program will consist of monthly events, both in-person and virtual, featuring high-level conservative attorneys who served in the Trump Administration, administrative and constitutional law experts, and Members of Congress, speaking on a variety of topics to help educate attendees.

Each in-person event will include networking opportunities, and all events will feature a prominent speaker to educate fellows on topics such as: The Theory and Practice of Lawfare; Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, Secretarial Memoranda, and Enforcement Discretion; The National Security Authorities; Rulemaking and Guidance; The Administrative Procedure Act Litigation and Navigating the Deep State & Managing Federal Workers Best Practices, among other topics.

The program is open to 2 and 3L law students and attorneys with less than 10 years practice experience. If interested, please email [email protected], with the subject line “NextGen Application” to receive instructions for applying. Applications are due February 1, 2024.

All applicants must commit to attending 50% of the meetings (approximately once per month) including at least 1 in-person networking event in Washington, DC. 

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