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As part of our new AFL® Center for Legal Equality, America First Legal is creating a new digital HOTLINE for citizens to report violations of their rights. If you have been victimized by woke politics in the workplace or at school, if you have been illegally discriminated against in the workplace or in search of a contract or government benefit under the Orwellian guise of “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusion,” please contact us TODAY.

America First Legal is a civil rights organization, committed to defending the principle of FULL EQUALITY under the law. We will not tolerate the conversion of our workplaces into Marxist propaganda centers. We will not permit our schools to become training grounds for radical race-and-gender-based ideology. We will not allow a new segregation, separatism, and destructive racial essentialism to corrupt our civic institutions. We will not watch from the sidelines as our government agencies – local, state, or federal – determine eligibility for government aid, relief, protection, or support on the basis of skin color, sex, or other protected trait. We will not let “equity” replace “equality” or let “woke” replace truth, justice, reason, sanity, and basic human dignity. We will expose and fight this systemic rot of our country, our institutions, and our culture.

But we cannot win this legal battle or reclaim our institutions in the name of equality and justice without your help. If you have experienced, suffered, witnessed, or discovered “woke” conduct at a corporation, school, or government agency that violates citizens’ rights – or advances an illegal “equity” scheme – contact us RIGHT NOW.

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