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Facing a New Threat

The America First Legal Center for Legal Equality is an initiative—housed within our 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal foundation—to facilitate legal representation to victims of both private and public sector discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or political belief. The AFL® Center for Legal Equality is being established in response to the new “equity” crusade that has overtaken Big Business, Big Education, and Big Government.

Our nation’s legal and constitutional order is predicated on the idea that all citizens, regardless of who they are or where their families come from, are entitled to full and equal treatment under the law. This is a bedrock of our entire system of justice. Yet, a pernicious new ideology has taken hold in the elite power centers of our country, which decrees that people must be judged expressly based upon their race, their gender, sexual preference, and their overall worldview – and either be rewarded or punished accordingly. This fundamentally anti-American ideology must be defeated.

It is Time to Stand Up

Often, this ideology of exclusion, segregation, and discrimination advances under the banner of “equity,” “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” or “woke values,” but these gentle-sounding euphemisms are designed to mask a brute force agenda of social engineering, Marxist dehumanization, and overt racism and sexism. The tyranny of “equity” is in purposeful and direct conflict with the harmonious ideal of “equality.” Either America prevails in its defense of equality as the cornerstone of human progress, or we fall back into ancient patterns of division, denigration, and destruction.

The AFL Center for Legal Equality is the leading edge in the legal battle to save and promote equality in American institutions, American government, and American life. If you or someone you know is the victim of woke ideology, equity-based exclusion, abusive DEI policies, or other instances of discrimination in Corporate America, academia, or the application of government policy, please reach out to the AFL Center for Legal Equality TODAY by sharing your story or, as always, contact America First Legal on our contact page.

Visit the Hotline

As part of our new AFL Center for Legal Equality, America First Legal is creating a new digital HOTLINE for citizens to report violations of their rights. If you have been victimized by woke politics in the workplace or at school, if you have been illegally discriminated against in the workplace or in search of a contract or government benefit under the Orwellian guise of “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusion,” please contact us TODAY.

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