Woke Corporations

America First Legal is holding corporate America accountable for illegally engaging in discriminatory employment practices that penalize Americans based on race and sex.

Below is a list of all the federal civil rights complaints that America First Legal has filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC).

Yum! Brands / Pizza Hut

AFL sent a letter to the EEOC requesting an investigation into the company’s discriminatory hiring practices and sent a cease and desist letter to company’s CEO to inform him of the legal violations and urging him to begin an audit and make the results public.
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Following Twilio’s announcement that they would consider an employee’s race when laying off employees, AFL sent a letter to the EEOC requesting that they open a civil rights investigation into the company.
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AFL requested that the EEOC open an investigation into Starbucks for administering its Leadership Accelerator Program based on racial considerations.
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Morgan Stanley

AFL requested the EEOC investigate Morgan Stanley for running a discriminatory internship program with Princeton, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.
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After McDonald’s touted its violation of federal laws by promoting its “Diversity Snapshot,” AFL requested the EEOC investigate the company for engaging in unlawful and discriminatory hiring practices.
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Following the Dobbs decision, Lyft offered its employees a special employment benefit of “reimbursement for travel costs if an employee must travel more than 100 miles” for an abortion. However, they did not offer the same benefit to mothers who choose to bring their child into the world, leading AFL to request that the EEOC investigate Lyft’s violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.
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Kontoor Brands

Kontoor Brands is the parent company of the iconic American denim brands Wrangler and Lee jeans. Instead of focusing on creating high quality products that Americans have come to expect from these names, they’re imposing racial employment quotas and structuring incentives around discrimination. AFL asked the EEOC to conduct an investigation into their illegal employment practices.
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The Hershey Company

AFL filed a request with the EEOC to investigate The Hershey Company for illegal sex and race discrimination in its hiring and promotion practices after Hershey’s bragged about its discrimination in its ESG reports.
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After abandoning its American customer base and bending the knee to the woke mob by featuring a “trans activist” in its Bud Light ads, AFL looked into the Anheuser Busch company and discovered it has been engaging in illegal racist and sexist hiring practices. AFL requested the EEOC conduct an investigation.
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DICK’s Sporting Goods

Following the Dobbs decision, DICK’s announced a special employment benefit of “up to $4,000” in travel reimbursement for an employee, spouse, or dependent, along with one support person, to obtain an abortion despite Title VII’s prohibition on discrimination based on childbirth.
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AFL uncovered that BlackRock in engaged in discriminatory hiring practices and appears to have programs only open to those of a specified race. AFL filed a complaint with the EEOC for an investigation into these patently illegal practices.
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