America First Legal Warns President Biden: Congress Must Review Iran Deal

AFL Threatens Legal Action If Biden Flouts Federal Law to the Peril of the American People And Our Allies

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, America First Legal (AFL) sent a letter to President Biden, threatening legal action to block any Biden Administration-Iran deal that is not submitted for Congressional review in compliance with the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, 42 U.S.C. § 2160e. This law requires President Biden to submit for Congressional review every “agreement” between the Biden Administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran relating to Iran’s nuclear program. President Biden’s words and actions indicate the Administration will not submit the Biden-Iran deal to Congress, willfully turning its back on its legal obligations. AFL’s letter therefore requires the administration to preserve all records that may be related in any way to a Biden-Iran deal. 

The Iranian regime, the world’s largest sponsor of terror, has killed hundreds of Americans; seeks nuclear weapons to carry out its promised annihilation of the State of Israel; destabilizes the Middle East using its terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah; and continues to brutalize, oppress, and murder its own people, including torturing and publicly hanging gay citizens and others whom the regime views undesirable. The Iranian regime is a menace to world peace and security. 

The Trump Administration recognized and rejected this menace. It imposed a  “maximum pressure” campaign  which successfully weakened the regime, strengthening our allies and giving hope to the Iranian people who desperately seek freedom to live in peace with their neighbors. The Biden Administration, however, has abandoned the Iranian people and the national security of the United States, Israel, and other peace-loving countries.  Instead, President Biden is siding with avowed enemies of the United States and despots as it ignores and seemingly embraces the daily human rights violations and threats from the Iranian regime. 

Practically begging Iran to enter into a “deal” with the United States, President Biden enlisted Russia to negotiate on behalf of the United States since Iran would not negotiate directly with Biden. President Biden is trading maximum pressure for a “deal” with the mullahs, offering billions in sanctions relief that Iran will use to sponsor terrorism against the United States, Israel, and our other allies. President Biden’s deal gives Iran permission to complete its drive for an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Incredibly, and in a repeat of its Nordstream Pipeline disaster, the Biden-Iran deal promises Russia that it may bypass U.S. sanctions if it builds the regime’s nuclear power program,rendering meaningless any Biden-imposed sanctions on Russia for its barbaric behavior. Throughout these negotiations, President Biden has kept Congress and the American people in the dark. 

President Biden’s deal is a disaster, and like the Obama-legacy policy, Biden’s  actions serve only the radical Iranian dictatorship, its terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, and its Chinese and Russian allies, all to the peril of the rest of the world. Congress, here, here, and here, has spoken out forcefully against the Biden Administration’s plans. In response, the Biden Administration has ignored its statutory obligations and signaled it will do the deal regardless. 

We will fight to hold the Biden Administration accountable, expose its support for the Iranian regime, and combat its efforts to dodge the law and hide the truth.

Statement from America First Legal Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton:

The Biden Administration has chosen to appease the brutal and dangerous Iranian dictators. Its inexplicable support for the Iranian regime is a threat to the United States, to our ally Israel, and to other allies of the United States. We have no strategic interest in propping up the mullahs.  To the contrary, any deal with Iran only serves to enrich an oppressive regime and guarantee it will obtain nuclear weapons. AFL will fight this appeasement with every tool we have. Congress’s voice, and the voice of the American people, will be heard, ” Gene Hamilton said.

Read AFL’s letter here.

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