America First Legal Statement Following the Politically-Motivated Indictment of President Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith

Today, AFL issued the following statement from  Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Vice-President and General Counsel, in response to the indictment of President Donald J. Trump:

“On the heels of a sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden falling apart–which further exposed to the American people the extent of the rot and two-tiered system of justice at the Department of Justice under Merrick Garland’s leadership–Jack Smith brings forward yet another politically-motivated prosecution against former President Donald J. Trump. And yet again, aside from political idealogues inside the beltway, the American people collectively roll their eyes at the Biden Administration’s malicious attempt at using the federal government’s power to destroy a political opponent. 

But make no mistake–even though the American people recognize the Biden Administration’s actions for what they are, this misuse of prosecutorial power is unprecedented. Never before in history has the Department of Justice been willing to openly wage lawfare against political opponents of the President. The consequences of their actions will reverberate throughout the halls of our societal institutions for decades. 

This is not the end of this story,“ said Gene Hamilton.

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