AFL Obtains Records Confirming “All of Government” Coordination and Assault Against Parents Speaking at School Board Meetings

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Records obtained by America First Legal (AFL) from the Department of Justice (DOJ) confirm that the infamous October 4, 2021, Garland memorandum was part of the Biden Administration’s “all of government” assault on parents speaking up against critical race theory, mask mandates, and extreme gender indoctrination in public schools. The records support AFL’s allegations that the Garland memorandum was the result of pressure from the White House to intimidate parents and protect leftist political allies.  

According to an internal National School Board Association memorandum, NSBA staff held a meeting on September 14, 2021, with White House staff. Among other things, NSBA’s memorandum asserted that “advocacy and equity efforts” were top priorities and reported that it was tasked with sending a letter to the President asking for federal law enforcement to take action against American parents. The letter was dated September 29, 2021. It is not clear whether White House staff reviewed it in draft form; however, NSBA admits that it relied on the White House for content.   

On October 1, 2021, Shaylyn Cochrane, the chief of staff to the Associate Attorney General for Civil Rights, contacted Myesha Braden, an official in the Deputy Attorney General’s Office, and Suzzane Goldberg, the acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, to connect them regarding “disruptions [by parents] at school board meetings.”

On October 2, Goldberg asked Braden “whether there were plans” by the Department of Justice to address the issues raised by NASB in its letter to Biden.

On October 4, Braden replied that the Department had received the letter and was “running a process” led by Associate Deputy Attorney General Kevin Chambers.

Chambers called Goldberg and left her a message. In an email dated October 6, Goldberg acknowledged receiving it and said she was “very glad to see” the Garland memorandum mobilizing federal law enforcement against parents speaking out to protect their children.

These documents strongly suggest that Biden officials, including the Attorney General, have been lying to the American people about the origin, purpose, and execution of the Administration’s assault against parents. Now, AFL is demanding all communications from Chambers, Braden, Cochrane, and Goldberg; the truth must be exposed. AFL will never stop fighting for our parents and children. 

Statement from Ian Prior, America First Legal Senior Advisor: 

“America First Legal continues to uncover new information in its investigation of the Biden Administration’s weaponization of government against parents exercising their First Amendment rights to speak up at school board meetings. It is abundantly clear that multiple federal agencies were working together to silence Americans who were standing up for their children. This is a shocking abuse of power and we will continue to investigate and expose it to the American people who expect better and deserve better from their government. “ said Ian Prior.

Read the FOIA here and the full production here.

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