AFL Center for Legal Equality Asks for Civil Rights Investigation of Yum! Brands, and Demands Accountability for Pizza Hut’s Unlawful, Discriminatory Hiring Practices

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, as part of its initiative under the Center for Legal Equality, America First Legal (AFL), asked the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to open a civil rights investigation of Yum! Brands, Inc. for engaging in unlawful, discriminatory hiring practices. 

The Company’s Form 10-K states that “In connection with our focus on equity, inclusion and belonging, our areas of focus include the following …. increasing representation of Black and Latinx [sic] U.S. associates among our executive and management ranks, franchisees and suppliers over the next 10 years to match the combined demographics of those groups within the U.S.” However, racial, ethnic, and national origin quotas or “balancing” in hiring, training, promotion, and contracting is illegal. 

In a separate letter, AFL asked Yum! Brands, Inc. Chief Executive Officer David Gibbs to immediately cease and desist from such discriminatory contracting and employment, to engage an outside firm to audit its hiring and contracting practices, and to make the audit report available to investors and shareholders. 

Finally, AFL asked Mr. Gibbs to disclose to shareholders and investors a full accounting of the events, circumstances, and business justification behind management’s dissemination of books promoting the sexualization of children and targeting pre-kindergarten through grade three children. One book, titled “Big Wig,” was aimed by management at children in grades “Pre-K-3” (ages 2-8). It depicts a young boy cross-dressing. Another, titled “Be Amazing: A History of Pride,” was aimed by management at children in grades “Pre-K-1” (ages 2-6). It promotes “drag queens.” See Yum! Brands, Inc., “BookIt!”

Statement from America First Legal Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton:

Big business, big government, and big education threaten the fabric of our constitutional republic with discriminatory programs that seek to divide American citizens based on immutable characteristics like race or sex. Instead of focusing on the merits of an applicant, employee, or contractor, these ‘woke’ institutions seek to penalize American citizens because of who they are. Achieving arbitrary demographic targets for a workforce or supplier base requires pervasive, enduring, and systemic discrimination. This cannot stand,” Gene Hamilton said.

Read AFL’s letters to the EEOC and Yum! Brands Board here and here

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