16 AG’s Petition Supreme Court on Wis. Parents’ Rights Case

“Sixteen state attorneys general filed an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of a lawsuit in Wisconsin surrounding a school district’s policy to exclude parents from discussions with children about changing their gender identity while at school.”

“The case also got the attention of America First Legal. ‘Eau Claire schools have adopted a monstrous plan to secretly ‘change’ the genders of children as young as 5 — without parental consent — effectively subjecting them to unnatural ideological experiments contrary to their health and biology. … This revolutionary crusade to remake and reshape our children … must be extricated root and branch from our schools. America First Legal is leading the way in the fight to save our children from this lawless marxist indoctrination,’ AFL President, Stephen Miller said in a statement.”

Read the full story on NewsMax here.

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