Texas v. Biden

Case Number: 4:21-cv-00579 N.D. Tex.

November 2023
Status: Ongoing


The Federal government violated the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”), the Public Health Service Act of 1944 (“PHSA”), and the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) by abandoning preexisting protections against the introduction of illegal aliens infected with COVID-19 into the state of Texas. By causing an influx of aliens who are or might be infected with COVID-19, the Biden administration has put the public health of Texas and the United States in peril, as well as having weakened the economies of Texas and the United States as the economy attempts to recover from the effects of the pandemic.


AFL and the State of Texas sued the Biden administration for their failure to enforce the Title 42 regime during the pandemic.


WIN. AFL and Texas obtained a preliminary injunction against the Biden Administration on March 4, 2022. But the Biden Administration subsequently amended its policies to avoid further litigation on the matter, and the case was terminated.

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