Jackson, et al. v. Biden, et al. (Taylor Force Act)

Case Number: 2:22-cv-00241-Z N.D. Tex.


For decades, the Palestinian Authority – lavishly funded by the U.S. and other Western governments – has paid terrorists to indiscriminately murder and maim people living in or visiting Israel. Among other things, the PA’s “Pay to Slay” program rewards terrorists and their families with cash bounties based on the number and severity of the civilian casualties they inflict.


Responding to a Palestinian terrorist’s 2016 brutal murder of U.S. Army Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and West Point graduate Taylor Force, and the subsequent Palestinian Authority’s payment of a bounty to the terrorist’s family, Congress passed and President Trump signed the Taylor Force Act. The Act prohibits U.S. economic assistance that directly benefits the Palestinian Authority unless and until the Secretary of State certifies the PA has terminated Pay to Slay. Under President Trump, the government obeyed the law. However, under President Biden, the government has lawlessly transferred hundreds of millions U.S. taxpayer dollars to directly benefit the Palestinian Authority. President Biden and Secretary Blinken are violating the law and financing the PA’s violent extremism and virulent, eliminationist antisemitism.


AFL has sued the Biden Administration on behalf of Stuart and Robbi Force, Taylor Force’s parents; Sarri Singer, herself the survivor of a suicide bombing by a teenage terrorist on a Jerusalem bus in 2003 that killed 17, and Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX-13).


Following the government’s motion to dismiss, AFL asked the court to allow discovery on the issue of the court’s jurisdiction to hear the case. Following Hamas’s attacks on Israel, which began on October 7, 2023, the district court granted AFL’s motion to conduct limited discovery.

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