Leahy, et al. v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

Case Number: 23C1019, Circuit Couty of Davidson County

FOIA Litigation
May 2023
Status: Ongoing
FOIA LitigationGovernment Oversight


A girl, purporting to be a transgender man, shot and killed three children and three adults at Covenant, a private Christian school in Nashville. The Nashville Police Department obtained documents from executing search warrants of her vehicle and house. She left behind what the police called a “manifesto.” AFL’s client, Star News Network, a network of news agencies, filed a public records request asking for the manifesto. Metro Nashville refused to provide the manifesto, citing an ongoing criminal investigation. At the same time, Metro has identified no additional potential suspects, and the perpetrator of the crime was killed at the school by heroes of the Metro Nashville Police Department.


AFL filed suit against Metro Nashville, seeking the release of the manifesto. During the trial court process, three other parties were permitted to intervene. The Covenant Church, Covenant School, and Parents of Children at Covenant School were each permitted to intervene. However, Tennessee’s Public Records law does not permit intervention from third parties. AFL appealed the trial court’s order permitting intervention. Once that is resolved, AFL will have a trial on the merits of whether the manifesto should be released.


This case is currently being litigated.

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