America First Legal Foundation v. Adrian Fontes, et al.

Case Number: CV2023-007067, Superior Court of the State of Arizona


Following widespread errors and technical problems during the 2022 general election, AFL submitted a public records request to the Arizona Department of State requesting all emails from November 8 to 16 sent to and from Katie Hobbs (Secretary of State), Allie Bones (Assistant Secretary of State), C. Murphy Hebert (Director of Communications), and Sophia Solid (Deputy Communications Director). Then-Secretary Hobbs sat on the request and never responded before she assumed the governorship. On February 1, 2023, the Department of State under Secretary Adrian Fontes denied the request, claiming that our request for emails from four officials during a span of 9 days was “an unreasonable administrative burden.”


AFL sued Secretary Fontes and the Department of State to enforce Arizona’s Public Records Law and obtain the records Arizonians, and the American people, are legally entitled to.


The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office produced the requested emails, and AFL, therefore, agreed to dismiss the case.

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