AFL, et al. v. Cardona, et al.

Case Number: 22-cv-01947-RCL, D.D.C.


The Biden Administration’s Department of Education created a “National Parents and Families Engagement Council” to serve as a partisan, hand-selected committee to mask the Biden Administration’s devastatingly anti-child and anti-family actions. The Biden Administration stacked the Council’s composition with representatives of liberal donors and supporters. If allowed to operate, the Administration intended to use the Council to provide the imprimatur of approval of the Administration’s actions and, in turn, use that seal of approval to bludgeon parents and political opponents who disagreed with the Administration’s policies.


AFL sued Secretary Becerra and the Department of Education to stop the illegal rubber-stamp council from operating.


AFL WIN. After AFL sued and pinned the Department of Education into a corner, the Department of Education announced that it would disband the illegal Council.

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