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Stephen Miller on Hannity – Investigation of Illegal Alien Resettlement 

Stephen Miller joins Hannity to discuss the Biden Administration’s humanitarian disaster of illegal immigration and America First Legal’s investigation into the covert mass illegal alien resettlement efforts…

FOX NEWS: Stephen Miller’s America First Legal looks to deal ‘significant blow’ to ‘woke cult’ in year ahead

EXCLUSIVE: A conservative legal group set up by former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller, after having scored a number of legal victories against the Biden administration, is now turning its focus to hitting what Miller calls a “woke cult” in the private as well as the public sector. “I would say our ability to deliver a […]

Stephen Miller – Talks to Tucker Carlson about the Guarantee Clause 

Stephen Miller joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the crisis at the southern border and how states like Texas might try to protect themselves against this illegal invasion. Importantly, Stephen raises the possibility of invoking the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution (Article 4, Section 4). This interview is from 09/21/21.

 Gene Hamilton: AFL Takes Loudoun County Public Schools to Court

AFL Vice President Gene Hamilton and Loudoun County parent Clint Thomas discuss the woke agenda at Loudoun County Public Schools and AFL’s newest lawsuit to combat these radical actions.

Stephen Miller on Tucker Carlson Tonight – 6/20

The America First Legal Center for Legal Equality is an initiative—housed within our 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal foundation—to facilitate legal representation to victims of both private and public sector discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or political belief. The AFL Center for Legal Equality is being established in response to the new “equity” crusade […]

Stephen Miller On Biden’s Formula Failure with Jesse Watters

Watch as Stephen Miller joins Jesse Watters Primetime to discuss Biden’s Failure on Baby Formula and the continuing shortage of baby formula nationwide…

Stephen Miller – The Tears of American Families Don’t Move The Hearts of Washington Politicians

Stephen Miller joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the $40 Billion aid package that Washington Politicians in the United States Congress are sending to Ukraine – while the urgent needs of American families are ignored and scorned. Support America First Legal:

Stephen Miller Video – Help Stop Illegal Immigration 

Stephen Miller, President of America First Legal: “You can help stop illegal immigration and fight to save this country by supporting America First Legal today – thank you.” Donate Here:

Stephen Miller On Ingraham Angle: Left Mourns The Loss Of Their New Normal Dystopia

America First Legal’s Stephen Miller joins Laura Ingraham to discuss the left’s failure social control experiment of COVID-19 restrictions and lawlessness…

Stephen Miller on Kudlow – Tax Cuts & The Economy 

Stephen Miller joins Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss tax cuts and the economy…

Stephen Miller on Laura Ingraham – (04/12/22)

MUST WATCH → Stephen Miller on Laura Ingraham – How the Radical Left & Big Tech are sowing doubt about future elections and attacking election security…

Stephen Miller on Laura Ingraham – Left Sowing Doubt About Future Elections?

The left is sowing doubt about future election integrity even as they work with Big Tech and the mainstream media to push explicitly partisan voting regulations… Watch this interview to learn more!

Stephen Miller on “Life, Liberty & Levin”

The Biden Administration has committed impeachable crimes by repeatedly violating the law, and the clear commands of Congress and the Constitution. Why? The goal of the radical left is to destabilize the middle-class and the entire country to pave the way for Marxist Big Government in America… Watch to learn more!

Stephen Miller on Tucker: Biden Administration’s Transgender Edicts 

The Biden Administration has been issuing guidance documents that threaten doctors and their practices with a loss of federal funding unless they prescribe puberty blockers and hormone therapy on demand to any child who is attempting to change genders…

Stephen Miller on Hannity: Title 42 & The Looming Migrant Wave 

The Biden Administration is planning to end Title 42 which requires illegal immigrants to stay in Mexico while they await their asylum application to process, due to the threat of COVID-19. This means that Border Patrol sends most Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Salvadoran families, and other single adults back into Mexico. If Title 42 ends, […]

Ian Prior on America’s Newsroom: Parental Rights Are Under Attack 

There are egregious examples of government-run school districts in all 50 states trying to assert themselves as Big Father & Big Mother. But one district in particular has emerged as an early contender to be the ignoble Loudoun County of 2022: Eau Claire Area in Wisconsin. From “white privilege tests,” to heterosexual privilege checklists, to […]

Stephen Miller with Laura Ingraham: Mass Refugee Resettlement Is Back 

The new budget from the Biden Administration facilitates mass refugee resettlement and greatly increases funding for the agency that handles amnesty- watch now to learn the very concerning details, plus the hidden influence of Big Tech (specifically Google) in the Biden White House…

Stephen Miller on Ingraham Angle – Ketanji Brown Jackson Soft On Crime? 

Stephen Miller joins the Ingraham Angle to discuss the important legal and policy ramifications of the Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination, confirmation hearings, and her truly disturbing record on sex crime sentencing…

EXPOSED: Eau Claire School District Safe Space Teacher Training on Gender Theory 

This bizarre instructional video was paid for by the Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin. This training video for teachers is part of a huge trove of evidence of ‘woke’ indoctrination and other horrible misconduct uncovered by America First Legal Senior Advisor, Ian Prior.

 Stephen Miller on Laura Ingraham – March 17, 2022

As the Biden Administration plans to terminate the Title 42 policy that allowed for the swift removal of illegal immigrants from the country, they are bracing for a “Mass Immigration Event” of their own making. Stephen Miller joins Laura Ingraham to explain how this massive human wave of illegal immigration continues to rip our society […]

Stephen Miller on Tucker Carlson – Illegal Immigration Invasion

The illegal immigration invasion of the United States is accelerating with devastating consequences for our society at all levels. Watch: Stephen Miller explains the situation to Tucker Carlson in this 03/14/22 interview.

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