America First Legal Sues Biden’s HHS for Illegally Concealing Communications Related to its Support of Experimental “Transgender” Medical Practices on Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to enforce its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for HHS Assistant Secretary Levine’s communications regarding pediatric “transgender clinics,” otherwise known as the genital mutilation and sterilization of America’s children.

In March of 2023, HHS Assistant Secretary Levine stated that socially and medically transitioning children to a “different sex” had support “at the highest levels of the federal government,” including President Biden and that anyone that dared to question the wisdom or safety of such experiments on children was “ideologically and politically motivated.” 

The following week, AFL sent a FOIA to HHS requesting Assistant Secretary Levine’s communications related to the practices of transgender clinics in the United States, medical and social transitioning of children, and various legislation throughout the country that would scale back such dangerous practices.

After nearly a year of delay, it has become clear that HHS is covering up damning communications that would prove that the Biden Administration does indeed strongly support and encourage medical castration of children, contrary to children’s health, science, global trends, and the experience of those that have witnessed or regretted the process, and common sense.

Americans deserve to know if their leaders are leveraging the powers of the federal government to push dangerous, unethical, and evil medical experimentation on their children and AFL is committed to uncovering this crime against humanity and putting a stop to it.  

Statement from Ian Prior, America First Legal Senior Advisor: 

“As European nations and many states in America are recognizing the dangerous side-effects of social and medical transition of children, all in service of the radical transgender lobby, the Biden Administration is moving full steam ahead on these government sponsored crimes against humanity. The safety of our children and the soul of our nation depends on rooting out the evil of these activities, and AFL will continue to hold the Biden Administration accountable for its actions clearly contrary to natural law and human rights.“ said Ian Prior.

Read the lawsuit here.

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