The Daily Wire, LLC, and Luke Rosiak v. The Loudoun County School Board

Case Number: CL24000265, Loudoun County Circuit Court


Daily Wire’s investigative reporter, Luke Rosiak (who broke the story in October 2021 of Loudoun County Public School’s cover-up of a sexual assault), filed a Virginia FOIA request with Loudoun County to obtain copies of settlement agreements for a six-month time period in 2023. Instead of complying with FOIA, Loudoun County refused to provide this information, saying it was too burdensome to do so before arguing that these documents would violate student privacy. Mr. Rosiak clarified that he was not seeking any records containing student records, yet the County continues to refuse to provide the records that we know exist in violation of state law.


On behalf of the Daily Wire and Luke Rosiak, AFL sued the Loudoun County School Board to enforce the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.


This case is currently being litigated.

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