Cargill v. ATF

Case Number: 1:22-cv-01063 W.D. Tex.

Second Amendment
November 2023
Status: Ongoing
Second Amendment


ATF is attempting to reduce Americans’ access to firearms by revoking federal firearms licenses (FFL), the license required to run a gun store, for minor paperwork errors. The ATF has begun arbitrarily labeling minor errors as “willful violations” of the Gun Control Act, absent any actual indication of willfulness or intent by the FFL holder. This is a stark departure from the longstanding practices of the ATF where they used to work with gun dealers to reduce paperwork errors.


AFL has joined with the Texas Public Policy Foundation to represent Michael Cargill in his suit against the ATF, seeking to preserve the ability of FFL holders to lawfully sell guns to the American public and thus preserve the public’s Second Amendment rights.


This case is currently being litigated in the Western District of Texas.1:22-cv-01063 W.D. Tex.

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