America First Legal Sues Pennsylvania School District for Hiding Radical Life Altering “Gender Transitions” from Parents

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit against the Pine-Richland School District in Pennsylvania for hiding “gender transitions” of students from their parents and providing students with a secret taxpayer-funded “gender transition team” made up of government officials and psychologists, who will assist  students in developing a plan to transition their gender. 

The school district brazenly requires that schools:

  • Address the student by his or her preferred pronouns;
  • Use the student’s preferred name, gender, and pronouns on “school records or documents, such as school IDs, classroom rosters or the year-book;”
  • Permit the student to use whatever bathroom that the student chooses; and
  • To participate on the sports team corresponding with the student’s chosen gender.

Further, the School District believes that “notifying a student’s parent/guardian about his or her gender identity or transition may be unnecessary.” AFL’s client sent written notice to the School District that, absent her prior written consent, the School District shall not refer her child to any mental health counselor or social worker for evaluation and that the School District notify her of any matters related to the “gender identity” or “gender dysphoria” expressed by her child.

Upon meeting with the principal of her child’s school as well as the guidance counselor, they told her that under no circumstances would the School District notify her if it becomes aware that her child has requested to be addressed by different pronouns, a different name, or other exhibited behavior consistent with gender dysphoria or a desire to transition to a gender other than her biological gender.

America First Legal has swiftly filed a lawsuit against the school district for illegally keeping parents in the dark regarding the social contagion of “gender transitions” of their children. Parents, not school bureaucrats, should have the utmost control over their child’s upbringing – especially when it comes to indoctrination schemes regarding gender.

Statement from Nicholas Barry, America First Legal Senior Litigation Counsel:

“As if we are living in a dystopian novel, schools across the country are now enacting policies to facilitate the genital mutilation and chemical castration of children without any parental input. These schools can’t give a child an Advil without parental consent because fit parents have the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children without interference from the government. But these same schools will socially transition a child without any parental input. However, a parent’s decision-making authority about what is in their child’s best interest cannot be transferred to some agent of the government simply because a child or the government disagrees with the parent’s lawful decision. That is tyranny. AFL will continue to fight for parental rights against this governmental tyranny,” said Nicholas Barry.

Read the lawsuit here.

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