AFL President Stephen Miller Condemns New HHS Decision Erasing Biological Sex

WASHINGTON DC – Today, America First Legal President Stephen Miller reacted to the news that the Biden Administration will begin interpreting Section 1557, the non-discrimination provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to now affirmatively discriminate against doctors who choose to provide sound medical care and treatment based upon the actual biological sex of their patients.

AFL President Stephen Miller reacted: 

“The media coverage of the Administration’s new healthcare announcement is extraordinarily deceptive.  This is not about the ‘rights’ of any American patient or access to medical care.  This is about whether we are guided medical science or whether we subordinate medical science to narrow political agendas.  Forcing doctors and medical practitioners to disregard long-established scientific fact — in this case biological sex — undermines the quality and integrity of medical care. Doctors can and must make decisions based on hard science when providing medical treatment. Compelling doctors to accord their treatment to gender identification rather than the actual biological sex of a patient can have real and deleterious consequences.  Requiring doctors to chemically castrate minors, or to provide medically unnecessary or even harmful surgeries, does not advance the cause of science or medicine.  We want all Americans to have access to quality care, and to be treated with decency and dignity, based on a doctor’s true and actual best medical and scientific judgment.”

Miller added:

“America First Legal stands ready and willing to defend the rights of American doctors against those who would force them to violate their oaths.”

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