AFL Hits Back Against The Outright Politicization Of The Biden DOJ Against Concerned Parents

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, America First Legal Vice-President Gene Hamilton came out swinging against the Biden Administration for weaponizing the Department of Justice, with the prospect of FBI agents scoping out school board meetings, to chill the free speech rights of concerned parents. 

Of course, violence cannot and should not be tolerated. But the Attorney General’s memo isn’t about violence. It is yet another in a long line of asinine and unacceptable decisions from an Administration that has shown a willingness to leverage all of its powers for political purposes, which include:

– The radical left demanding that the Biden Administration take action against state election integrity laws, and the Department of Justice responding by suing the State of Georgia and promising to double the size of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division. 

– Open borders advocates calling for the rescission of prior Attorney General decisions that had restored longstanding interpretations of immigration law, and the Attorney General responding by doing exactly what they wanted. 

– Anti-life advocates demanding that the Biden Administration take action after the Supreme Court refused to grant extraordinary relief to abortion providers in a case involving SB8, the Texas Heartbeat Act, and the Department of Justice responding by suing the State of Texas

This latest action by the Biden Administration is completely unacceptable. America First Legal will not sit by as the Biden Administration uses the immense power of the federal government as a cudgel to intimidate and silence Americans. 

Statement From America First Legal Vice-President Gene Hamilton: 

“Having apparently solved the surge in violent crime, drug trafficking, and other serious criminal issues in the United States, the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice has issued a blatantly and totally inappropriate political directive. The Attorney General’s memorandum is designed to scare parents, to punish them for speaking out for their children, and to shut down First Amendment protected speech and assembly, all at the behest and direction of a combination between the teachers’ unions, their captive Democrat political operatives, and the National School Boards Association.  The Biden Administration obviously will stop at nothing to advance and protect Critical Race Theory indoctrination in our schools. Of course, no teacher or public official should face the threat of violence, but by the same token, no parent should face government profiling and FBI investigations for standing up against the racist indoctrination of their children,” Gene Hamilton said.

Read the Attorney General’s memorandum here.

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