AFL FOIAs To Expose the Biden Administration’s Coordination With the Left’s Vicious Smear Campaign Against Justice Clarence and Virginia Thomas

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Justice, seeking records regarding the radical left’s and the Biden Administration’s coordinated smear campaign against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia Thomas. 

For thirty years, the left has launched racist, spurious, and vile personal attacks against Justice Thomas. In recent years, those attacks have increasingly turned even more personal in nature—with elements of the radical left going so far as to smear his wife. AFL has reason to believe some of Biden’s political appointees may be working with outside dark money groups, activists, and the Administration’s media partners to coordinate and control these attacks against Justice Thomas and Virginia Thomas.

The radical left’s aim appears to be to prevent Justice Thomas from participating in cases with political consequences and further advance the left’s court-packing agenda. AFL will not stand by and allow the left to smear Justice and Virginia Thomas in order to advance their radical, court-packing agenda.

Statement From America First Legal Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton:

Justice Clarence Thomas is one of the most brilliant legal minds of our time, and his contributions to our nation have been immeasurable. Ginni Thomas is a true American patriot who has been unfairly maligned by the radical left. Any attempt by anyone in the Biden Administration to target her or participate in this coordinated smear campaign would be intolerable, and we will expose any such efforts, no matter how long it takes,” Gene Hamilton said.

Read the FOIA here.

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