AFL Blasts Biden Administration’s Continued Decimation of Our Borders – New Numbers Reveal Over 318,000 Illegal Aliens Released into the United States in Just the Last Five Months

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Over just the last five months, the Biden Administration’s data show that it has directly released over 318,000 illegal aliens from the border into communities all across the United States. This unprecedented decimation of the security of our borders–and the mass catch and release of hundreds of thousands of aliens into the United States becomes even clearer when the sheer size of the population is put into context:

  • If the number of illegal aliens released over just the last five months were placed in one city, it would be larger than mid-size cities across the United States: like Cincinatti, Ohio; Orlando, Florida; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
  • If the number of illegal aliens released continues at this pace, the Administration will release over 764,000 aliens into the United States over a year. That population would easily rank within the top-twenty largest cities in the United States–larger than Seattle, Washington; Denver, Colorado; or Washington, DC. 

This significant number would, of course, be in addition to hundreds of thousands of aliens that the Biden Administration had already released into the United States prior to October 2021, as well as the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have managed to enter the United States without detection during this time of gross negligence on the part of the federal government.  

The Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security has been under court order–thanks to the work of Texas and Missouri–to provide information about the total numbers of alien border encounters, expulsions of aliens (including expulsions under the Title 42-based health order implemented by the Trump Administration), and releases of aliens into the United States.

AFL has been at the forefront of challenges to these unconscionable actions by the Biden Administration, and will continue to fight to restore border security and to restore the systemic integrity of our immigration system. 

Statement From America First Legal President Stephen Miller:

The Biden Administration is purposefully and deliberately mass releasing illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands into the United States — a wanton, lawless, unprecedented assault on the country and its people. America First Legal, alongside our courageous state Attorneys General, are fighting back in federal court,” Stephen Miller said.

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