VICTORY: AFL-Backed Lawsuit Wins Preliminary Injunction In Case Filed by Ohio, Arizona, and Montana Against Biden Administration’s Radical Anti-ICE Edicts

WASHINGTON, D.C.America First Legal President Stephen Miller issued the following statement after the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio issued an order preliminarily enjoining the Biden Administration’s criminal alien policies in a lawsuit filed by Ohio, Arizona, and Montana. 

For months, America First Legal has worked closely with Arizona in its initial lawsuit against the Biden Administration, along with Louisiana and Texas in a companion lawsuit, and continued working with Arizona and Ohio in the case that led to this injunction. 

Statement From America First Legal President Stephen Miller: 

This is a historic victory. We applaud Ohio, Arizona, and Montana on this colossal win. Since its inception, America First Legal has prioritized the defense of America’s homeland security and working in close partnership with our state Attorneys General to fight the Biden Administration’s radical anti-borders, anti-ICE directives. As the Washington Times and others have documented, the result of these extreme anti-enforcement directives is the chronic release of dangerous criminal aliens by the tens of thousands into communities across the United States. ICE, under these orders, has been prohibited from arresting, detaining and removing criminal illegals in the custody of state and local law enforcement for committing additional crimes in those communities. Instead of being removed, they are freed into the community. We are immensely proud to have worked on this year-long effort and to have supported our Attorneys General in this most righteous cause. Today’s decision reaffirms that Joe Biden does not have the authority to abolish ICE by memorandum, to mass release criminal illegal aliens near our homes and loved ones, or to suspend our immigration laws, our borders, our sovereignty, and our nationhood,” Stephen Miller said. 

Read the ruling here

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