University of Texas Professor Files Lawsuit Against Texas A&M Alleging Discrimination Against White, Asian Men

Dr. Richard Lowery, Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Texas at Austin, recently filed suit against Texas A&M University over claims of racial discrimination. 

The lawsuit alleges that the Texas A&M Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Fellowship Program violates federal civil rights law, setting aside professor positions for specific racial groups.

Lowery is suing the Texas A&M Board of Regents, Vice President and Associate Provost of Diversity Annie S. McGowan, and Vice President of Faculty Affairs N.K. Anand. Lowery is represented by America First Legal (AFL), a conservative legal advocacy organization.

In a letter obtained by AFL sent on July 8, McGowan and Anand wrote to all university deans that the school will be setting aside $2,000,000 for a program to hire professors from “underrepresented minority groups” (URMs). The money would be used to match the fellows’ base salary up to $100,000.

AFL claimed in their official complaint that, “The racial preferences and set-asides established by Texas A&M prevent Professor Lowery from competing with other applicants for these faculty positions on an equal basis.”

AFL and Lowery seek to enjoin Texas A&M from hiring faculty based on race or sex, a public acknowledgment that they violated Title VI and the equal protection clause, and the appointment of a court monitor to ensure that the university complies with the injunction. 

Read the full story on The Texan here.

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