Sefelino v. County College of Morris, et al.

AFL WIN: The judge found that the suspension and removal of our client from campus violated his First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, as alleged in this suit. The County College of Morris shall permit our client to speak or preach in any public area of the College’s campus, including preaching from […]

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South Carolina Freedom Caucus v. Jordan, et al.

AFL Win. The District Court held that the restrictions on speech were unconstitutional and ordered the provisions of law unenforceable against AFL’s clients.

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Sebaggala v. Levinson

AFL WIN. Both the first and second complaints were dismissed. The second complaint was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the teacher can no longer sue Helen related to these claims.

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Braidwood Management, Inc. v. EEOC

The District Court ruled in AFL’s clients’ favor, finding, among other things, that “employers may have policies that promote privacy, such as requiring the use of separate bathrooms based on biological sex.”  On appeal, the Fifth Circuit also ruled for AFL’s client, holding that it has pre-enforcement standing to sue and that the Religious Freedom Restoration […]

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