Following Legal Pressure From AFL, Biden Withdraws Critical Race Theory Requirement From Education Rule

Washington, D.C. — Following pressure from America First Legal, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona announced last week that the Department of Education (DOE) will withdraw its requirement that DOE grant recipients must implement the 1619 project (Critical Race Theory) into their curriculum.

AFL Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton released the following statement: 

“While we are pleased that the Department of Education backed off of its initial proposal–thanks to the responses of organizations like AFL and tens of thousands of parents across the country–we will not waiver in our commitment to stop the federal government from using its power to thrust the toxic, Marxist ideology known as Critical Race Theory, on Americans, especially our children,” Hamilton said. “CRT is not just some flawed ideology that descended from the ivory towers of academia to reside innocuously and peacefully in the ideological discourse in the United States. Rather, it is an ends-driven plan to divide Americans forever on the basis of their race or ethnicity — a complete reversion from the teachings of civil rights leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr.  AFL will proudly continue to fight against CRT, whether purveyed by the federal government, teacher unions, school administrators, or corporate executives, and defend equal rights for all Americans.”

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