Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Texas A&M for Allegedly Discriminating Against White, Asian Men

“Texas A&M University has also established faculty-hiring lines that are reserved exclusively for members of ‘underrepresented’ (read: non-Asian) racial minorities,” the lawsuit states.

The class action lawsuit was filed in federal court Saturday by Richard Lowrey who argues that the university’s affirmative action policies have blocked him from being hired as a result of him being white. Lowrey is an associate professor of finance at University of Texas at Austin.

“History is being made today,” America First Legal President Stephen Miller, whose organization is representing Lowrey, said in a statement. “America First Legal has filed a landmark class action lawsuit against Texas A&M University for its illegal and unconstitutional racial discrimination regime. Texas A&M is hiring—and excluding—professors solely due to the physical appearance of their skin or the ancestry of their family tree.”

“This is vile and outrageous,” Miller said. “We must extract the poison of bigotry coursing deep through the leadership of Texas A&M and restore civil rights and equality for all. Our lawsuit will send tremors through our corrupt institutions of ‘higher learning’ making clear that racial discrimination will be met with righteous legal action in our courts of law.”

Read the full story on Breitbart here.

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