Court Issues Injunction Against Biden’s Abolition Of ICE Policies in AFL-Backed Lawsuit Filed by Texas and Louisiana

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas preliminarily enjoined the Biden Administration’s radical anti-immigration enforcement memoranda issued in the early weeks of the Biden Administration. Texas and Louisiana challenged the memoranda as being contrary to law, and the Court agreed, finding that the policies created by the memoranda were contrary to laws passed by Congress that mandate the detention of certain categories or criminal aliens and those aliens with final removal orders.

Congress mandated the detention of certain categories of aliens in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Biden Administration issued memoranda at the start of the Administration that ignored those requirements, and instead elected to release them to the streets in communities across the United States. The preliminary injunction issued today is a significant victory for Texas and Louisiana.

AFL President Stephen Miller issued the following statement:

America First Legal has been working in close partnership with Texas, Louisiana, and states around the country in litigation against many of the Biden Administration’s radical immigration policies, including the anti-ICE memos that free criminal illegal aliens en masse. We are also proudly serving as outside counsel for Louisiana in this seminal case. Supporting this litigation — through our unique expertise on matters of homeland security — has been one of AFL’s highest priorities. This injunction is a critical first step towards ending Biden’s lawsuit assault on our people. We must now fight to make those injunctions permanent. I salute Ken Paxton for his deep courage, patriotism, and skill, along with Jeff Landry of Louisiana. AFL will continue to work diligently on this case, including with other states pursuing litigation against these extremist anti-ICE memos. AFL will never yield in fighting against the release of criminal illegals and for the security of the sovereign American people.”

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