Biden’s DOJ Opens The Asylum Floodgates For Illegal Aliens With Meritless Claims

Decisions issued today by Merrick Garland upend longstanding law, opening a path for meritless asylum claims to flood the immigration court system.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued two disastrous decisions (Matter of A-B-, and Matter of L-E-A-), which will undoubtedly result in a flood of meritless asylum claims that will clog up the immigration court system and lead to countless additional illegal aliens coming to the United States. Under the Trump Administration, the Department of Justice took steps to undo radical changes to the asylum system that were quietly made during the Obama Administration—restoring decades of prior precedent and providing clarity in law. With today’s decisions, the Biden Department of Justice has nearly all but destroyed any remaining integrity in the immigration system.

AFL Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton, who served at the Department of Justice as Counselor to the Attorney General, issued the following statement:

“The Attorney General’s decision today will cause unprecedented damage to the security of the southern border and the integrity of our immigration system. Generalized crime in other countries has never been a legitimate basis for asylum under the laws passed by Congress—despite the best efforts of advocates and radicals during the Obama Administration to provide otherwise. Today’s decision will lead to tens of thousands of meritless asylum claims—if not hundreds of thousands—in the months and years ahead. And while pursuing these meritless claims, the asylum applicants will be allowed to remain in the United States for years with employment authorization. This, of course, is part of a bigger plan under the Biden Administration that involves the Department of Homeland Security granting asylum en masse along the border to anyone who comes from a country with higher general crime rates than the United States. The Biden Administration will deport roughly zero percent of those who do not qualify for asylum, these new meritless cases will lead to delayed relief for legitimate asylees, and these radical decisions will ensure open borders for as long as they remain in effect. The American people deserve better.” 

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