America First Legal Seeks Information About Biden Administration’s Targeting Of Conservative Servicemembers

WASHINGTON, DC – America First Legal filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Department of Defense seeking information on the Biden Administration’s potential monitoring of conservative servicemembers across the Department of Defense. In just the past couple of months, several concerning instances of politicization have been brought to light.

AFL President Stephen Miller issued the following statement:

“The infiltration of woke politics and leftist political agendas into our military must be exposed and stopped. Such intrusions not only threaten military readiness but also demean and denigrate our courageous warriors.

“The duty of the Administration is to support our brave warfighters and ensure the military’s unquestioned status as the most dominant, powerful, overwhelming and lethal fighting force in the world — one that forever strikes mortal fear into the hearts of our enemies.

“Trying to use the military as a vehicle for social engineering, woke politics, or political agendas is antithetical to the military’s mission, unit cohesion, and the role of the armed forces in our Constitutional Republic.

We cannot and must not allow our military and our valiant service members to become the latest remodeling project for the extreme left”

The FOIA request can be accessed here.

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