America First Legal Releases Documents Highlighting Glaring Legal Errors in Alvin Bragg’s Prosecution of President Donald J. Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) released eleven documents highlighting and explaining the numerous errors in the phony and politically-motivated prosecution of President Donald J. Trump by Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

For over a year, Alvin Bragg’s Office has used abusive and partisan lawfare to host a show trial persecution of President Trump. The blatant disregard for the rule of law and politicization of the legal system is evident throughout this prosecution. To expose this abuse of prosecutorial power, AFL has systematically documented each of these issues and released them as one-page summaries.  

The Bragg prosecution failed on a wide range of issues, touching nearly every portion of criminal procedure. First, the indictment violated due process and, thus, the guarantee of a fair trial. Second, the egregious judge’s bias was one of the many misapplications of the law. Third, there were evidentiary issues that violated over a century of precedent. It is clear there were reversible errors every step of the way in the New York criminal prosecution. 

To document just how egregious each issue is, AFL has released a series of documents, each focusing on a discrete issue with the Bragg case. This series explains the glaring legal errors, including:

  1. Violation of President Trump’s Sixth Amendment rights requiring a unanimous jury verdict to convict;
  2. How New York state lacked authority to bring violations of federal election law; 
  3. How the prosecution violated the Molineux Rule governing the admissibility of certain testimony against President Trump;
  4. Why Judge Merchan should have recused himself, given clear biases;
  5. How the prosecution violated President Trump’s Due Process rights to fair notice of the crime he was charged with; 
  6. How New York State Court was the incorrect court for the prosecution;
  7. The double standard the court employed when it came to the testimony of Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen versus the testimony of Brad Smith, and how that was used against President Trump;
  8. Omission of evidence relating to the Office of Government Ethics’ review of the classification of payments to Cohen;
  9. Alvin Bragg’s political motivation.

You can read all the one-pagers in one compiled document here.

Statement from Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Executive Director: 

“Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of President Trump is a legal abomination, representing one of the worst examples of political persecution that the United States has ever witnessed. Glaring legal error after glaring legal error–all conducted as part of a coordinated campaign by the left to take out President Trump. We hope that these products educate and equip the American people with the information they need to understand the extent to which Alvin Bragg weaponized the levers of justice against President Trump,” said Gene Hamilton.

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