America First Legal Pledges Legal Action Against Biden’s Illegal Amnesty Edict, Granting Pathways to Citizenship to Legions of Illegal Aliens

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) has pledged legal action following President Biden’s newest illegal executive action that grants executive amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to large numbers of illegal aliens in the United States. This latest action taken by the Biden Administration is a slap in the face to immigrants who come to the United States lawfully and a further abuse of an extremely limited authority in law that the Biden Administration continues to use to fly hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the United States. 

Statement from Stephen Miller, America First Legal President:

“In the middle of a raging deadly border invasion, on the heels of illegal aliens let into the country by Biden being charged with the most heinous rapes and murders of children and mothers, Biden has issued one of the largest executive amnesties in American history. Congress has, for decades, refused to grant citizenship to illegal aliens. Now, acting as a tyrant king, Biden is circumventing Congress and incinerating the Constitution to unilaterally grant a pathway to citizenship to what will amount to potentially millions of illegals. 

This includes illegals who are DACA recipients and illegals with online degrees or college diplomas — including diploma mills that churn out worthless degrees to create citizens. Once granted green cards, illegals will have access to government benefits. Once granted citizenship — in as soon as five years — illegals will have full access to welfare, entitlements, the voting booth, and chain migration, meaning entire illegal alien extended family networks and be made into full voting citizens. 

This is a colossal amnesty and a thunderous attack on American democracy in the form of an imperial edict. With today’s order, Biden is saying the invasion will continue forever, and the criminal migrant trespassers will be our new voters and citizens.” said Stephen Miller.

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