America First Legal Opens Investigation into Biden Supreme Court-Packing Commission Records

AFL asks Biden Administration to produce all legally required documents to the public and end its coverup of important information

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, America First Legal filed a request for all records from the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States (the “Commission”), a Federal Advisory Committee subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act. President Biden created the court-packing commission via Executive Order 14023 on April 9, 2021. The Biden Administration intends to use the Commission created by the Executive Order as a first step in their radical power-grabbing pursuit to pack the Supreme Court. 

In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, America First Legal seeks access to any related records, documents, and communication for inspection. AFL’s intent is to review the work undertaken by this Committee and provide the public awareness into the shady mission from the Biden Administration in packing the Supreme Court. 

AFL Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton issued the following statement:

America First Legal is working to ensure that amidst all the promises of transparency and the rhetoric of ‘wanting to just consider the issue’ that the political leadership of the White House has not predetermined the outcome – and is just using the Commission as a pretext — to accomplish its political goals. This is too important of a matter to be conducted in secret, behind closed doors.  The Biden Administration must be fully transparent with this entire process.” 

Read the full request here.

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