America First Legal Files New Lawsuit Against Biden Administration for Illegal Race Discrimination Against Bar and Restaurant Owners

Scandalous New Guidelines Punish Hard-Hit Bar & Restaurant Owners Based on Race

WASHINGTON, DCIn its continuing mission to uphold civil rights and the vision of Martin Luther King Jr., America First Legal has filed a historic lawsuit to block the Biden Administration’s illegal racial discrimination in administering COVID relief policies. Congress created the Restaurant Revitalization Fund in the last stimulus bill. The Small Business Administration has published new guidelines for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, creating a “priority” group that will be first in line for a limited pool of relief money.  Entire classes of Americans are formally excluded from the “priority” group if they do not meet exacting racial criteria. This ensures that many American bar and restaurant owners will suffer deep financial losses, potentially even the loss of their businesses, because they were excluded by the government based solely on race.

AFL President Stephen Miller issued the following statement:

Millions of Americans have suffered deeply as a result of a once-in-a-century pandemic.  Lockdowns, closures, and pandemic restrictions have inflicted great financial pain and losses on hardworking citizens. Few industries have been harder hit by lockdowns and restrictions than the restaurant and bar industry. People have seen their life’s work and dreams upended, imperiled, and even destroyed.  Yet, as these restaurant owners, operators and workers try to pick up the pieces and rebuild their businesses, they are facing a new and insidious threat: racial discrimination from the government. The decision from the Biden Administration to determine eligibility and priority for restaurant relief funds based upon race is profoundly illegal and morally outrageous.  It is an affront to our laws, our Constitution, and our most dearly-held values.  Instead of determining eligibility based on need or merit, Americans are being lined up based upon skin color – a core violation of federal civil rights laws, and a betrayal of the civil rights movement.  America First Legal will not stand for this.  It is why we are suing the USDA over racial exclusions in farm aid, and it’s why we are now urgently suing to ensure all American restaurants and bar owners—regardless of race—have fair and equitable access to restaurant revitalization funds. AFL will not relent in in our fight against discrimination and in defense of fundamental civil rights.  We will seek to have this immoral and illegal policy enjoined.

ALF President Stephen Miller further announced:

This lawsuit is being filed as part of an exciting brand new partnership between America First Legal and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. This collaboration will powerfully advance our shared goals of defending American liberty, sovereignty, and security.

The filing can be accessed here.

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