America First Legal Files Federal Civil Rights Complaint Against Anheuser-Busch for Illegal, Racist, and Sexist Hiring Practices

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL), as part of its initiative under the Center for Legal Equality, filed a federal civil rights complaint against Anheuser-Busch requesting that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) open a civil rights investigation of Anheuser-Busch’s systemic and discriminatory hiring, promotion, and job-training employment practices.

Under the cloak of “equity,” woke companies like Anheuser-Busch proudly discriminate based on race, color, national origin, and sex in their employment practices. 

For example, Anheuser-Busch created a Leadership Accelerator Program that provides “formal mentorship, executive interaction, and leadership development curriculum for those who identify with historically underrepresented groups as they join our organization in a full-time capacity.” Only specific individuals of specified races, colors, and national origins – notably excluding White and Asian Americans – are invited to apply:

In Anheuser-Busch’s 2022 Annual Report, the company highlights its “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” initiative as a “global priority for AB InBev’s Senior Leadership Team.” The company created a Global DEI “Council”, chaired by its CEO, “dedicated to collaborating on impactful decisions and championing DEI at the highest levels of the organization.” This “DEI” initiative, however, appears to be nothing more than a vehicle to implement race, national origin, and sex quotas in hiring and promotion. 

For example, the company affirms that its “DEI strategy has driven results” that include increasing “overall representation of women in top leadership positions.”

Notably, the company fails to define what it means by the term “women.” As the corporation responsible for Bud Light, and as an eager and willing partner with and funder of “transgender activist” and biological male Dylan Mulvaney, it is safe to assume that the company’s definition of a woman is not limited to biological females.

Anheuser-Busch also published a 2022 “Environmental, Social, & Governance Report” highlighting evident and unlawful sex-based hiring during the years 2017 to 2022, and a discriminatory national origin-based internship program launched by its Presidente brand in the United States and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund “for Hispanic students:”

The company also advertises an unlawful race-based scholarship and internship program launched by Budweiser and the United Negro College Fund to “support[] 25 Black college students” interested in the brewing industry and to “provide[] five Black college students with real-world experience as interns in Anheuser-Busch’s Brewery Trainee Program.”

In this case, a multinational conglomerate has decided to arrogantly disregard America’s laws and brazenly attack our civil society. It must be held accountable for its divisive, illegal, and immoral employment practices. America First Legal will keep fighting to preserve our Constitution and to protect equal opportunity for all Americans. 

Statement from Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel:

“Iconic American brands, like Anheuser-Busch, have become shells of their founders’ visions due to weak-kneed corporate leadership who routinely cave to idealogues whose thirst for an ever-changing notion of ‘social justice’ is relentless. All racial discrimination is wrong, and race-based employment programs or opportunities are antithetical to the American ideal. Equality under the law will never be achieved in the United States if its largest corporations are permitted to engage in blatant discrimination against certain groups of citizens,” said Gene Hamilton.

Read the letter here.

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