AFL Responds To Latest Biden Administration Initiative On ‘Racial Equity,’ This Time At NASA

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, in furtherance of President Biden’s direction via Executive Order 13985, the Administration published a “Request for Information” asking outside groups and members of the public for ideas on how to incorporate so-called ‘racial equity’ into programs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Rather than focus on maintaining America’s historical dominance in space, NASA is now soliciting ideas for how to racially discriminate against U.S. citizens – part and parcel of Critical Race Theory.

America First Legal President Stephen Miller responded with the following statement: 

“On President Biden’s first day in office, he issued an Executive Order mandating that all agencies and departments incorporate ‘equity’ into their core missions.  As we have seen in AFL’s lawsuits against both the Small Business Administration and the Department of Agriculture, the Biden Administration is using ‘equity’ as a synonym for invidious discrimination,” AFL President Stephen Miller said. “As such, we are deeply concerned about the prospect that illegally discriminatory policies will be embedded throughout the federal government — including NASA.  It’s alarming to imagine that the world’s premier space agency now appears to be elevating woke politics over hard science. Landing a man on the Moon or a rover on Mars is achieved by marshalling our mathematical and scientific brilliance as Americans — not by dividing our citizens based on skin color. We must pursue our destiny in space in unison, harmony, and shared purpose regardless of race, ethnicity, or sex. AFL is putting the government on notice that illegal discrimination will not be tolerated.  All Americans must be treated equally in this country.”

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