AFL Releases Printable Version of “The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit For Parents”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) released a printable “The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit for Parents” to help parents protect their children against woke school boards, administrators, and teachers. This toolkit informs parents of their rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), and is a companion to the previously released web version on the America First Legal website.

Schools across the country are indoctrinating our children with toxic ideologies – like Critical Race Theory and transgender indoctrination – for the stated purpose of undermining our parents’ Constitutional rights and to tear down our nation’s most cherished founding principles and traditions.

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment is a federal law that recognizes and protects a parent’s right to review all of the instructional material, including teacher training manuals and materials, used in schools that receive federal funds, and to prevent schools from gathering information on students’ political beliefs, sexual behavior or attitudes, and religious practices, all without parental consent. The Department of Education’s regulations make it clear that prior parental consent is required for teachers or schools to collect information about or undertake activities related to such things as “gender identity” or “white privilege.”

Statement from America First Legal Senior Advisor Ian Prior:

“School systems across the country are not only indoctrinating children in critical race theory and gender ideology, but they are also doing everything in their power to hide curriculum, lesson plans, and teacher trainings,“ Ian Prior said. “Our PPRA toolkit gives parents a guide to fight back against illegal data collection by schools and to review what their children are being taught and how their teachers are trained to teach them. We encourage everyone to use this toolkit and bring much needed transparency and accountability to our schools.”

Access and download the PDF toolkit here.

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