AFL President Stephen Miller Reacts To President Biden’s Operation Central American Airlift For Illegal Aliens’ Relatives

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday evening, AFL President Stephen Miller reacted to the announcement that the Departments of Homeland Security and State are jointly expanding the blatantly unlawful Central American Minors (CAM) Program–originally created under the Obama Administration and ended under the Trump Administration–effectively creating a new chain migration program for illegal aliens.  CAM was already illegal, as Congress never created, nor authorized it.  Under the newly announced expansion of the program, millions of illegal aliens and noncitizens living in the United States are now eligible to formally petition to have the U.S. government transport their relatives to the United States on the taxpayer’s dime.

Read AFL President Stephen Miller’s full statement:

“The Biden Administration’s war on national sovereignty has reached unimaginable new depths. Unsatisfied with simply melting the border through nationwide catch-and-release, they have announced a new program to find and recruit the relatives of illegal aliens and fly them into the United States.  The new program is a colossal airlift operation for the relatives of illegal aliens now living in the United States.  Under this preposterous and plainly unlawful program, illegal aliens now residing inside the United States — including recipients of deferred action and those who have merely applied for asylum — can petition the government to ‘parole’ their children into the United States, or any other relative over whom they assert guardian status,” Stephen Miller said. “A larger magnet for illegal immigration could not be envisioned: sneak across the border, gain a foothold in the United States, and then the government will then bring in the rest of your family.  We are conscripting career Homeland Security and Department of State officials into providing a global taxi service for illegal aliens and their families.  This massive, government-fueled surge of both illegal and low-skilled migration will place enormous burdens on the already burdened shoulders of the U.S. workers and taxpayers. What the Biden Administration has announced is illegal, unconstitutional, and unconscionable.”

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