AFL Lawsuit Reveals Shocking Internal Emails from HHS Meetings with “Gender Affirming Care Providers,” Discussing How to Leverage Federal Power to Evade State Legislation Banning Mutilation of Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal revealed more shocking documents obtained from its lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including internal emails from Assistant Secretary for Health “Rachel” Levine. These emails reveal that the Biden Administration has taken behind-the-scenes meetings with “gender affirming care providers” in states that have banned these experimental medical practices and have promised to leverage the power of the federal government to stop states from enacting these important health measures.

Notably, as described in the documents below, Assistant Secretary Levine shared “heartfelt concern for our LGBTI+ community in Idaho,” and stated, “We are continuing to push this issue nationally and will keep you up to date with our plans.” 

AFL obtained these documents through litigation against HHS to enforce a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for Assistant Secretary Levine’s communications regarding pediatric “transgender clinics,” otherwise known as the genital mutilation and sterilization of America’s children. This is the second set of documents AFL has made public from this lawsuit. 

As background, in March of 2023, HHS Assistant Secretary Levine stated that socially and medically transitioning children to a “different sex” had support “at the highest levels of the federal government,” including President Biden, and that anyone that dared to question the wisdom or safety of such experiments on children was “ideologically and politically motivated.” These new records provide greater detail on precisely how the federal government is advancing this agenda behind closed doors with advocates. 

“Listening Session with Gender Affirming Care Providers in Idaho” in June 2022:

On June 3, 2022, Assistant Secretary Levine received an email from Ingrid Ulrey, the HHS Regional Director, about a meeting that took place between Ulrey and “gender affirming care providers in Idaho,” regarding proposed legislation (that was passed a year later), which would prevent doctors from prescribing minors with radical chemical castration drugs or performing genital mutilation surgeries in the State of Idaho. 

In the email, Ulrey tells Levine that her “heart goes out to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in Idaho and their health care providers,” presumably because of the Idaho law that would have prevented genital mutilation and chemical castration of minors. She added that it was “rough for [the LQBTQ community] and many fear for their safety”–again, in the context of the discussion of a bill that prevents genital mutilation and chemical castration of children.

Ulrey’s memo described her view of the potential effect of the passage of such a law on the provision of so-called “Gender Affirming Care” (GAC) in Idaho:

Ulrey explained, in her view, the problems associated with a perceived shortage of doctors who would provide these mutilating services, as well as the high costs for such services if they are not subsidized by insurance. She explained that only “one provider is providing GAC to [a] large state prison population.” She notably mentions that “there are a small number of other providers, some also wanted to come to this meeting but felt too intimidated, want to remain below the radar.” 

The “gender-affirming care providers,” seem to have provided Ulrey with exact definitions of “gender-affirming care” and disturbingly include “Legal – Remove barriers. Parental consent is currently required from 1 parent, or 2 parents if divorced.” Put differently, a high-ranking official in the Department of Health and Human Services, after meeting with these advocates, sent forward a definition of “gender affirming care” that includes the removal of parental consent as though it was a condition of achieving “gender affirming care”:

The readout included recommendations from the meeting and includes “asks to HHS,” where it calls for federal cover to essentially evade state-passed legislation: “Idaho GAC providers need support, state regulations are tightening, we need federal cover.” 

It also asks if the federal government can use Medicaid to “require all states to cover any evidence-based care? Require GAC as a condition of participation?”

It also asks “If a state bans GAC, would it be permissible in any type of prison setting?,” indicating these individuals will do anything they can to advance “gender affirming care,” even in American prisons.

Ulrey continues with “Testimony from providers,” including testimony from a “gender affirming care provider” named Chelsea complaining that “Parents rights are also subject based. They want barriers to disallow kids from doing things they don’t believe in and freedom for kids to [do] things that they do.” 

On June 5, 2022, Assistant Secretary Levine replied to Urley, sharing “heartfelt concern for our LGBTI+ community in Idaho,” and stated, “We are continuing to push this issue nationally and will keep you up to date with our plans.” 

“LGBTQ Roundtable in Anchorage, Alaska” in June 2022: 

Ulrey then responded on June 12, 2022, in an email to Assistant Secretary Levine and “Team OASH” with a similar read-out but from the “Alaska LGBTQ+ Listening Session.”

In the email, Ulrey explains that the Providence Health System in Anchorage, Alaska is “working on placing mental health counselors in schools and that they are concerned about opposition from parents rights advocates.” 

In Ulrey’s read-out, she includes a section noting that “Identity, Inc.,” a small “gender affirming care” clinic “respects pro-nouns, name changes,” and provides “gender affirming care – social/emotional and hormone treatments. People go to Canada or lower 48 for anything surgical. Planned Parenthood clinics also provide GAC including hormones. No other known / official access for GAC in AK.”  

Ulrey then outlines a section she calls “civil rights / data” where she flags for Assistant Secretary Levine that Matsu Valley in Anchorage is likely to adopt an “anti-trans bill to ban trans girls from competing in school sports.” 

Assistant Secretary Levine replied on June 13, 2022, stating that “It is very interesting and valuable” information. 

These emails reveal the extent to which advocates are turning to the Biden Administration for support to promote their gender lunacy, despite state legislation to protect children from these dangerous medical experiments.

Gender Marxists throughout Biden’s government continue to push for harmful drugs like puberty blocks and cross-sex hormones that threaten the fertility of our nation’s youth. If HHS intends to help promote “gender-affirming care” in states that have rightfully banned these practices, they should be prepared to face the rule of law. 

Statement from America First Legal Senior Advisor Ian Prior:

“The Biden Administration is leveraging the full power of the federal government to engage in an anti-science war on reality, with America’s children as the collateral damage. While European nations are drastically pulling back on these dangerous experiments and a number of states are legislating against them, the Biden Administration is plowing full steam ahead in its goal of redefining the foundations of biology, from the doctors’ offices to the athletic fields. This comes even as the United States Supreme Court has held that states have a right to enact such legislation. The Biden Administration is supporting crimes against humanity, and America First Legal will continue to fight back until these dangerous practices end.”

Read the production here.

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