AFL Demands Answers and Internal Documents From Loudoun County Public Schools

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal Foundation (AFL) and the Binnall Law Group served discovery requests on the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), the School District’s Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and a School Board Member in the groundbreaking lawsuit brought by 11 Loudoun County Parents earlier this month. This initial round of discovery requests seek answers regarding the defendants’ blatant and unrelenting assault on parental rights, including their woke curriculum, policies, and practices. 

LCPS is ground zero in the battle between parents and the public-school administrators, bureaucrats, special interests, and teacher unions who have unlawfully infused student instruction with critical race theory and extreme gender ideology, all while denying parents’ rights to have access or input into the education of their children. LCPS’ answers are due in twenty-one days. Thanks to the bravery of Loudoun County parents, families across the United States are standing strong against school districts that are engaging in similar woke, extremist ideologies.

Statement from America First Senior Advisor Ian Prior:

Loudoun County Public Schools has engaged in an all-out assault on parental rights over the past several years. It has forced parents to choose between two fundamental rights guaranteed by the Virginia Constitution – a free and quality public education and their right to direct the education, moral instruction, and upbringing of their children.

“The Plaintiffs have fought vigorously over the past several years to hold LCPS to those constitutional obligations, and these discovery requests are merely one more step to finally ensuring that their rights are protected and LCPS is held accountable in court for their blatant violations of their constitutional obligations,” Ian Prior said.

Read the Request to Superintendent Scott Ziegler here, Deputy Superintendent Ashley Ellis here, Assistant Superintendent Asia Jones here, Board Member Brenda Sheridan here, and Loudoun County Public Schools here.

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